How to track or locate someone on iPhone for free??        

Would you like to have an iPhone tracker that works an online GPS tracker or learn how to track an iPhone for free over the internet without programs easily? Do you want to have located one or several people and they do not know how to track an iPhone??

Here we will explain everything you need to know how to track iPhone by number or through internet online for free.

Is it possible to track an iPhone with just the number??

Are you questioning whether it is possible to track an iPhone with phone number?? If you have lost your iPhone and there is no option to tracking your device without number? In this article here are some ways that are totally cost-free too and existing on online sources for easy entry to everybody.

How can you see someone’s location on your iPhone?

Out of the several reasons, why you wish to see’s someone’s location on your iPhone is to ensure that your love ones are safe and secure. The best example of this it is reliable for those parents which are always conscious for their children safety. At the same time children also track their parents too! You can learn in this article how to locate someone on your own iPhone by different methods…..

1: find location of someone’s on iPhone with “Find MY Friends” App….

To use application, you first installed the application the Find My Friends Application. At the same time it is necessary to have application in that device or person’s iPhone to find out their location. The procedure of using this application is very easy and effective.

  • Click on the application that you installed already in your phone and that appears on your home scree.
  • After clicking the application you should instantly click the photo that appears on your phone and activate share my location under the settings application.
  • Swipe from the button of your iPhone and activate the airdrop feature. Ensure that everyone easily discover you.
  • On the target device or person’s phone navigate to find my friend application. Ensure that both devices activate the air drop feature and stay connected. You can select your contact icon from the list of contact icons.
  • Then application ask to allow the process that will proceed. Then a new notification appears on your screen that you also want to share your location or not. This decision is personal. However you can also continue with that you don’t want.
  • You can know keep track or locate your friend’s location. Then you will receive notification if they arrive, leave or near on a particular location.
  1. How to find location of someone’s with iPhone??
  • Open the setting’s application on your device.
  • Input your apple ID details that your iPhone require to locate. If you didn’t sign in to, feature and use apple credential’s to log in that feature.
  • After that in the second section, choose iCloud.
  • Then from the menu scroll the given list that appear on your phone screen, and select “find my iPhone”
  • You can now activate “Find My iPhone” feature by swiping it to the right one side. Enabling this feature will allow you to track the current device using another iOS device.
  • Then you can activate the second last feature option which will enable your iPhone to collect data about the site of the instrument. Note that it will also give you information that the device of the person is switched off or ran out the battery.
  • Download the application “Find My iPhone” from iPhone store.
  • Sign out of the apple credentials on the other device and login with your user ID and password.
  • Then your iPhone will appear in a list of devices under the google maps application. One you select your target device or person, the phone will automatically zoom into the last known location. If the device of target person switched off also you will able to receive the last tracking details.

You can also login to iCloud from any web store using Mac or a window of PC. Then enter your iPhone ID details and password to login to the account. If prompted then again type your password. After this iCloud will display all the devices that you enabled for tracking. Then choose the desire person’s iPhone from the left pane. Then after this clinking a particular device a map along with the location. If the phone is in the motion, then you will not receive any live updates. To stay update about the location you will have to click the refresh button time to time.


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