What are spot trace antitheft tracking devices and its working principle??

Now a days, own something more valuable and potentially mobile and prone to theft?? Would not it be nice now a days to track the location and even receive automated alerts within moments. GPS tracking devices help us a lot in this regard to locate the valuable things time to time. It also tell us about any stolen objects that are more expensive and locate its exact location. These devices are flexible, multi-purpose devices that about the size of a tiny box which are easily carrying anywhere any time. It has both GPS tracking and accelerometers for the detection of motion of vehicles, devices and also locate someone’s position and movements. It detect and tell us about the location through different methods like text messages, emails or through notifications time to time. It also possible to imagine plenty of additional uses beyond theft alerts and tracking. Tracking the location and position of cars, boats, ships, and other important devices like phones in the event of a theft is obvious usage of GPS microchip tracking devices.

Some antitheft tracking devices….

  1. Spot Gen3

The spot gen3 is a hiker’s dream GPS tracking device. It is handy device and easily carrying. Its body waterproof. It also preserving the battery life and also help to hikers even in dense jungle or in harsh environment. It also help to locate the location of any individual and monitored the position and movement of hiker’s. You can buy this gadget through any online shopping center like Amazon. Its price about $130.

  1. AM-GL300

While you travelling through ship or by air. Sometime your luggage displace so, in this regard this GPS tracker is best for luggage safety. It is also called as luggage tracker device. This tracker works off a quad-band 2G GSM network powered by both AT&T and TM offering GPS location wherever cellular signal are available or not. Accessing your GPS location is accessible remotely via a smartphone or through computer window offering real time location with updates as quickly as every 60 seconds.

  1. OBD GPS tracker

Whether, you’re the parent of a teen driver or simply want additional security of your child or vehicle. This OBD tracker device for cars connects directly to google maps for extreme accuracy on location, speed, and update about traffic conditions. For this level of security, for your teen and your vehicles, in this regard this tracker offers a flexible payment plan with no cancellation or activation fee, no contracts, and just affordable in $19.99 charges per month.

Features of GPS antitheft tracking devices….

  • It gives protection of our important objects.
  • Most GPS tracking devices are enabled with real time monitoring.
  • Trip history
  • Anytime anywhere access
  • Easy to use, user friendly interface
  • Access control and user management about expensive devices.
  • Fuel saving and Geo fencing

How does the GPS antitheft tracking system works??   

Global positioning system is a worldwide radio navigation system formed from the constellations of earth satellites and their ground stations. This GPS network controlled and funded by the U.S department of Defense. At first this system usually designed and start for the monitoring purposes of U.S military forces. But, now a days this system use globally for monitoring purposes.

GPS tracking is a method of working out exactly where something is. A GPS tracking unit may be placed in a vehicle, on a cell phone through GPS tracking apps or on a special GPS devices, which can either be a fixed or portable unit. GPS works by providing information on exact location. A GPS tracking system works in various ways or methods. For a commercial prospective, GPS devices are generally used to locate the position of vehicles and their movements. Some system stores the data of journey within the GPS tracking system itself and send the updates to its centralized database system units on a regular basis.

The operation of the system is based on a simple mathematical principle which is called as trilateration that falls in to two categories:

  • 2-D trilateration
  • 3-D trilateration

In order to its working first its receiver must know two things first the location of place so that the earthly satellites locate the exact positions of objects and someone, second is it must know about the distance between the place and each of those space vehicles. These GPS tracker devices works with in the electromagnetic waves which travel at the speed of light


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